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Copper Beech Dispersing

Cheers to all our friends who did so well at OKC.   I can't say that I missed the show but I certainly did miss being on the rail with my friends.

Our dispersal continues successfully and we extend our thanks to all those who have taken home one of our horses. I heard of a number of CBMF winners in OKC including our own, much-loved Prince who finally added the open park harness Crown to his many accomplishments.  Big thanks to the team that loves and cares for him and to his many fans and supporters.

We are down to about 35 or so horses  and you will find them all on the site with the exception of 7 yearlings for whom we don't have pictures.  I am going to be adding their information even though I don't have pictures so everyone will have a full view of what is avaible.

While we do not plan to be involved in showing or breeding, we will, of course, keep our retirees (Savage Arms, CEN Can't Touch This and a few others) and will be on hand whenever we can to cheer our friends and our CBMF horses as they compete.

Ann and Patrick

October 2012

About Copper Beech

Copper Beech LLC is owned by Ann Hailey and Patrick Duggan. We began our venture in 1987 when we bought our first Morgan from Harry and Carolyn Sebring.

Our breeding program had an objective of producing show horses primarily for the pleasure and park divisions. We strive for Morgans that have it all--athletic ability, beautiful heads, long legs and necks, laid-back shoulders and that important Morgan intangible known as heart.

We believe we constantly improved our results by investing in bloodstock, trying different crosses and watching and learning from other programs. Our "owned" breeding stallions are DBA Street Talk, GLB Bell Pepper, Ben's Rhapsody, War and Peace, CBMF Crown Prince and CBMF Restless.   We used "outside" stallions in our program to add diversity and to ensure that we are considering all possibilities when selecting the best cross for each of our mares. And we are extremely proud of the broodmares which were the foundation of our program.

As with all endeavors, our success was enabled by the partnership and support of a variety of trainers whose contact information is included on our site. We express our sincere gratitude to these partners and the grooms, vets and farriers who are integral to providing world class care to our horses.

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